YouTube has finally given Android users a “dark mode” option


Well, this took a while. YouTube has finally given Android users a “dark mode” option, four months after the same feature rolled out on iOS devices.

The setting to enable the dark mode, according to 9to5Google, can be found under Settings > General > Dark theme.

Note that not all users see the setting — I don’t have it on any of my Android devices. For reference, on iOS devices you can find it under Settings > Dark theme.

The dark theme will thoroughly darken your YouTube, which in my opinion is far easier on the eyes than making the background a pure black.

So what’s the big deal? Well, a darker interface can be more pleasant to the eyes, especially if you’re in a dark room. And it just plain looks cooler.

We’ve asked YouTube whether this is a permanent change that’s rolling out to all users or just some sort of test, and will update this article when we hear from them.


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