Social Media Giant Facebook Launches Dark Mode For Desktop Users


Social media giant Facebook has launched the much-awaited dark mode for its desktop users. The all-new Facebook feature will be rolled out to the users across the world in the coming weeks.

At last year’s F8 developer conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had mentioned that his team will be reintroducing Facebook in a more optimized design.

With the help of dark mode, users would be exposed less to the screen glares, enhancing eye health.

How to use it?

Users can now switch between Classic mode and Dark mode for desktop. To activate the dark mode, the Facebook desktop user had to go to the Settings option and select Activate Dark Mode from the drop-down option.

Other upgrades done on new version of the Facebook

Users can easily create events, pages, groups and ads on Facebook. One can preview a new group that is being planned and see what it looks like before opting for the real thing.

Credit to optimized design, the homepage will now open faster and transition between different pages will be smoother.

Facebook had also added tabs similar to its mobile version and had reworked the shortcuts bar. It has also added a Preview option wherein users can see what a group or a page would look like before actually creating it.



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