Google’s upcoming Pixel 4 allegedly appears in photos leaked on Telegram

An early render of the Pixel 4 was tweeted by Google back in June.
 Image: Google

Photos of what could be Google’s upcoming Pixel 4 have leaked via Telegram, XDA-Developers is reporting. The images appear to show a device that’s consistent with the official pics and information that’s been released about the phone by Google. They also suggest that the company is moving away from the two-tone color-schemes found on previous Pixels.

It’s unclear what the source of the photos might be. XDA’s Mishaal Rahman said on Twitterthat the images were shared in a “(very) small channel” on Telegram, and that they were also posted in a “private group” by someone who denied knowing the source of the images. XDA speculates that we’re looking at a prototype handset that’s being tested by Sprint on its network, due to the prominent operator logo on the top left of the screen. If we were a Sprint employee looking to share a photo of an unannounced handset, then we’d probably make at least a passing effort to obscure the name of our company and test bench. Presumably, these photos were meant for internal use only, and only got leaked later.

The design of the bezel appears to be consistent with previous information released by Google.
 Image: XDA-Developers
The rear photo seems to show that the phone will be a single gloss color, rather than the two-tone style we’ve seen before.
Image: XDA-Developers

It’s unclear whether the phone pictured is the Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL. This generation, it’s been very easy to tell the two Pixel 3 handsets apart thanks to the larger model’s massive notch, but early rumors from Unbox Therapy suggest that both Pixel 4 models will feature a traditional top bezel.

Otherwise, the photos corroborate the official details already shared by Google about the handset, namely the square camera bump on the rear (although we haven’t seen exactly how far it protrudes until now), the lack of a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, and the positioning of the cameras in the top bezel. However, there’s no further information about the most tantalizing Pixel 4 rumor of all which says that it will include a 90Hz display similar to the OnePlus 7 Pro. For that, we’ll have to wait for the phone’s settings menus to leak out. Given the Pixel’s historically leaky track record, that should happen any day now.



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