Xiaomi Mi Smart Water Purifier launched in India : Smarter Living 2020 event


Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Water Purifier has a five-stage cleaning process that ensures the purified water possible. Being a smart product, you can use the smartphone companion app to keep track of different aspects.


At its Smarter Living 2020 event, Xiaomi took the wraps off a brand-new product category. In line with the teasers, this new product is a smart water purifier. Read on to find out everything on the new Xiaomi Mi Smart Water Purifier.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Water Purifier price, availability

Xiaomi’s new water purifier carries a price tag of Rs 11,999 in India. It will be going on sale starting September September 29. Buyers can head over to Flipkart, mi.com, and Mi Home Stores to get their hands on the new product.

Mi Smart Water Purifier process

Xiaomi’s new water purifier features a five-step process to purify the water before consumption. In stages one and two, the PP+ Activated Carbon filter intercepts large and visible particles along with residual chlorine, color and odor.

Stage three sees the RO filter weed out heavy metals, scales or any other organic substance. The PAC filter in stage four absorbs any remaining odor or organic substance, and effectively improves the taster of water. In the last step, the UV light inside the purifier kills any remaining bacteria or viruses with a claimed 99.99 percent efficiency.

Water Purifier with smart capabilities

Being a part of Xiaomi’s Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, it is natural that the new water purifier comes with smart capabilities. By connecting to the Mi Home app, you will be able to keep track of the water level in the tank, TDS level of water, and the life of each filter in real-time.

Another highlight of the Mi Smart Water Purifier is its DIY capabilities. In essence, the filters are designed in a way that they can be removed and replaced in just 30 seconds. This frees up Indian households from the shackles of annual maintenance costs.



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