WhatsApp User’s Need to Know How To Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode In Android And iOS


Out of all the features rolled out with WhatsApp beta, one of the most awaited and cherished one is the “dark mode” (or night mode). Apart from carrying along with it an aesthetically-pleasing dark design factor, dark mode can also add to the overall user experience by improving readability, reducing eye-fatigue, and enhancing the overall battery consumption on the device among others.

However, no word is out yet on the official launch of dark mode and it’s still under works. But, till then you can play around with the feature on your device. Here’s how.

WhatsApp Dark Mode for Android

The first step to be able to enable dark mode for WhatsApp on your device is to run the latest Android Q beta version. Once you have the OS running on your device, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the Android Q’s native dark theme on the device by going to Settings, select Display, select theme, and then choose ‘dark’.
  • Once you have enabled the dark theme, you then have to turn on ‘developer options’. To enable developer options, go to Settings, select about phone, and then tap the “build number” seven times.
  • Now that you’ve enabled the developer option, you need to select “override force-dark” to apply the theme across all the apps on the phone.
  • Since you have applied dark mode across all the apps, you’ll notice that WhatsApp too would have a dark theme across it. To apply dark mode to chat threads, hit settings – wallpaper – no wallpaper to darken up the thread section. And Voila! You have now dark mode enabled on WhatsApp.

So, that was super simple on Android. Now, let’s quickly look at how you can enable dark mode on WhatsApp for iOS.

WhatsApp Dark Mode for iOS

We’ll now look at the ‘smart-invert’ method that basically uses the iOS 11’s “smart invert’ feature that reverses the display color in an iPhone. can give your WhatsApp a darker appearance on iOS.

Once you have iOS 11 on your phone, go to settings, select General, then Accessibility, select display accommodations – Invert colors – smart invert. And that’s it. You’ll have a darker- looking appearance across your device, without it interfering with the quality of your photos or videos.

However, the theme doesn’t apply across all parts of WhatsApp. For instance, if you want a dark theme across chat threads, you’ll have to pick a darker chat background wallpaper. Also, in case you don’t want any discrepancies at all, in terms of media quality, you can disable the feature for other apps excluding WhatsApp.


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