WhatsApp Latest Beta now lets you completely hide muted status updates from view


Just like almost any other app these days, WhatsApp offers status updates eerily similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories. People who are into this feature have had the possibility to mute certain contacts (such as their colleagues) for quite some time already. However, muted updates would still show up in the status tab, greyed out but within a separate section below all others. The latest beta (version 2.19.260) is looking to change that with an option that lets you hide muted stories altogether.

Left: Previous version. Right: New version. Note the arrow pointing downwards next to “Muted updates.”

To make the new option show up in the first place, you need to mute someone’s story, which you can do via the three-dot menu inside it. Once that’s done, their content should be hidden in the Status tab with an arrow if you want to expand the muted section and see what’s there (see above screens). This seems to be an A/B test currently, so you might not have it yet. Even though I’m using the latest beta build, I couldn’t make muted stories disappear.

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You can get WhatsApp Beta v2.19.260 by signing up to become a tester on the Play Store and you can also download it from APK Mirror.



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