WhatsApp is releasing some new updates for its Android and iOS users


Another day, another WhatsApp Update. WhatsApp has been releasing a slew of new updates for its Android and iOS users. Among a slew of features that have been released for both Android and iOS, WhatsApp is now out with another bunch of new features for its iOS app, as reported by India Today.

There’s a new Haptic Touch feature that supports the features that are introduced in iPhones via iOS 13. This feature has been spotted by WABetaInfo, a popular site that informs users about the new WhatsApp updates. This feature offers support for Haptic Touch for chat and media preview. Another feature is the low data mode which is similar to the one offered by iOS 13. The feature brings down the amount of data that’s used by the compatible apps. Once you have this feature enabled, WhatsApp will automatically stop downloading media files, videos, images, GIFs, from your network or mobile data. It’ll also stop downloading voice messages unless you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

There’s another feature, namely, contacts integration, which allows users to directly share messages, photos, or videos directly with some suggested WhatsApp contacts with the help of new iOS Share Sheet.

So, in case you’re trying to share an item with someone, your smartphone will instantly suggest your top WhatsApp contacts that you can share the files with. Other one is Chat Badge, where the app shows “999+” badge in case the number of unread messages go beyond the mentioned number.

Apart from these features for the iOS, WhatsApp recently rolled out new features in its WhatsApp Beta update for Android users. There’s a range of features that are expected to be rolled out for WhatsApp soon including dark mode, new emoji skin, self-destructing messages, wallpaper, hide muted status, splash screen, et al.



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