Vimeo’s CEO Anjali Sud will take your questions now please


  • How can an ad-free online video platform like Vimeo stand up against major advertising platforms like YouTube?
  • How can creative platforms like Vimeo strike a balance between nurturing communities, freedom of speech, and creating a safe and inclusive space online?
  • What’s your favorite video on Vimeo?

Ask all this and more to Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud.

Anjali got her start working in e-commerce, finance, and media at Amazon and Time Warner. She then served as the General Manager and Head of Marketing at Vimeo, where she oversaw Vimeo’s growth to more than 80 million video creators, filmmakers, and brands, making it the world’s largest ad-free online video platform.

Now at the age of 34, Anjali leads a global team of 400 employees dedicated to empowering creatives all over the world. She is speaking at the TNW Conferencethis week — her talk is titled “How to completely change the course of your company in 90 days.”

After successfully pivoting Vimeo from a content company to a one-stop tech platform during her first 90 days in office, she’s an expert on product strategy, scaling business, and providing creators the tools to tell incredible stories.

Need inspiration? Check out her recent interview with Business Insider, her Twitter, and, of course, her Vimeo account. If you’re attending the TNW conference, don’t miss her talk this Thursday at 1:25 pm in Transformatorhuis.

Ask your questions now and don’t forget to check back for her answers this Friday, May 25th.


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