TNW2018 attendees tell us which technology will be our downfall


We met some truly awesome people last week at TNW Conference. The whole point was to learn about the future of tech, and so we wanted to ask some attendees which technology would be our downfall and our savior. Some of their answers were wonderfully existentialist:

Thomas Neau

Product Owner,

“Tech is tools. I don’t expect to be saved by tech, I just need to use it. I trust people to do the right thing.”


Max Meijer

UX Designer, Eneco

“I’m not sure if I can answer this correctly, but I have to say I think the biggest tech-failure so far is that it hasn’t managed to address the problems of climate change – at least not yet.”


Harriet Butterfield (L) & Lingru Li (R)

Client Manager, The Honey Partnership (left), and CFO, Rabbit and Bull Ltd (right).

“The blockchain for sure. It will both be our savior and our downfall, dependent on how we manage it. We need to really soon start educating people to understand tech better, because now regulators are behind and not doing their job well enough. If we manage to keep up with the technology, understand it, and regulate it accordingly, blockchain can definitely be our savior.”


Marta Bobyk (R)

Customer Care Agent, Dutchstar (right)

“It’s so hard to expect. Things become trendy so fast, you never know what’s going to be our downfall. We can’t control anything, at the end of the day.”


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