This Mercedes Benz 55-inch Massive Display produced by Mercedes Benz ever


Mercedes Benz recently showcased the new MBUX (Mercedes Benz User Experience) Hyperscreen at its digital world premiere. A few days after its world premiere, the German automaker made the official debut of MBUX at the 2021 Consumer Electronic Show (CES).

The biggest highlight of MBUX Hyperscreen is its size as it’s 141 cm (55.5 inches) wide and the technology Mercedes Benz used to build it.

MBUX (Mercedes Benz User Experience) Hyperscreen

As per the automaker, it’s the largest and most intelligent human-machine interface built by Mercedes Benz to date.

Apart from this, there are many interesting facts about it. Most people will think that it’s a single screen as it appear.

Mercedes Benz 55-Inch Display Is A Fusion Of Three Screens

The MBUX display might seem like a single superwide screen spanning across the dashboard but it isn’t. Vera Schmidt, the Head of Mercedes Benz Advanced Digital Design, said, though it might look like a single entity, there are three different screens beneath one curved glass.

In addition, there are a number of technical details that we’ll discuss as we proceed.

The MBUX Hyperscreen will first be installed in the upcoming luxury electric car EQS.

However, the MBUX technology was launched back at the CES 2018 event in Mercedes A-class. Later, the platform was introduced in the Mercedes S-class.

Anyway, let’s explore what all new features are there in the latest variant of MBUX other than its Hyperscreen.

Mr. Sajjad Khan, the Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG and CTO, hosted the event and said,

The new MBUX Hyperscreen combines unique electrical aesthetics with outstanding user-friendliness. A
decisive strength is the clever networking of all systems based on intelligent, adaptive software. This makes
the Hyperscreen the brain of the car

Additionally, he said it’s a customer-centric user interface and uses AI to deliver the best possible experience for you.

Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Board of Management, Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG, said in the new MBUX, “you don’t search for functions, the functions will find you.”

MBUX Hyperscreen is equipped with a completely new and intelligent system called Zero Layer.

What Is Zero Layer Function In MBUX?

Zero Layer in MBUX Hyperscreen is designed to achieve seamless human-machine interaction. In most UI systems, you have to search for the applications scrolling down the screen.

However, in MBUX, the system uses emotional intelligence and offers the most important applications like navigation, telephone, vehicle function, etc. on screen.

Moreover, based on your activity and past behavior, the AI automatically displays more than 20 applications on the screen.

Technical Specifications of MBUX

If we dive a bit more into the hardware, then under the touchscreen there are 12 actuators. These actuators trigger the vibration whenever the fingers touch certain areas.

In addition, there are eight CPU cores, 24 GB of RAM, and 46.4 GB per second of RAM bandwidth. These are some of the technical specs revealed by the company so far.

Before we come to an end, here’s a feature that Mercedes highlighted at the 2021 CES event.


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