Starting today, Google Maps Will Now Tell You How Crowded Your Bus Or Train Will Be


When it comes to navigation apps, Google is on the top of its game. Google Maps has maintained its utility by introducing many useful features in the previous months like the incognito mode, real-time speeds, parking locations and traffic jam notifications.

The tech giant has now announced an update for both Android and iOS which will allow users to see how occupied your train or bus is going to be before you hop on your ride.

The app has been banking details from its users on their past trips for a while. You may have come across notifications on your phone on how crowded it was on your commute, during peak hours in the last few months. Riders were given four options to classify in: many empty seats, few empty seats, standing room only, or cramped standing room only.

The tech giant has now created a pool of this data to start offering predictions to the users who look up Google Maps to go about their daily commute. Anyone who has Google Maps installed on their phone will now be able to see transit delays, how long the delay will be, and reschedules based on the live conditions in any event.

Google first started pushing in predictions about real-time traffic delayed routes in 2017. This data however was not available in all cities. Hence, Google Maps is also bringing live traffic delays for buses in places where the service wasn’t covered initially. Users will be guided upon where the delays are marked on the map itself.

The update is now available for download in 200 cities worldwide, starting today.


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