Spotify Launches Month Family Plan At Rs 179 : against the prime competition – Apple Music and Google’s new entrant YouTube Music


Spotify’s playing catching up with the likes of Apple Music and JioSaavn in India and though it’s taken them a while the company today announced that its bringing its family sharing plan to India for INR 179 per month.

The plan will unlock premium access to the streaming service account for up to six people. All members of the family can use their individual accounts to stream music and podcasts as per their choice. The master account holder will be billed at the end of each month – quite like how Apple’s Family Sharing feature works, or even Netflix’s.

Starting a new family plan, will also grant you access to parental controls and a playlist called Family Mix based on of all the tunes your family is listening to. Interested subscribers can sign up on the Spotify Premium Family page, and the first three months can be tried for free.

While all that isn’t too difficult to get one’s head around, the one question that you’d ask yourself is how does it stack up against prime competition – Apple Music and Google’s new entrant YouTube Music.

In contrast, Apple Music offers a family plan, which is priced at INR 149 per month. Similarly, YouTube Music also offers a family plan which is priced at INR 149. This essentially makes Spotify’s new family plan the most expensive of the lot when put into perspective.

“At a time where parents are trying to reduce screen time for both themselves and their family, we’re creating more ways for families to bond over music together, while still celebrating individual tastes and giving parents more control if they want it.” said Alex Norström, Chief Premium Business Officer, Spotify.

“Spotify’s Premium Family plan has been loved across markets, and we know that our users in India wanted it when we launched in February. Family time and recreation are a core part of our culture, and we want users to discover new music and podcasts through their family, without compromising on their personal taste and app experience. We are thrilled to bring this subscription tier to the country,” said Amarjit Batra, Managing Director – India, Spotify.



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