Senny’s latest buds lack bass but stay put during the most strenuous workouts


  • PRICE$130
  • Neckbud design means that even if they do pop out on a run, they won’t land on the ground. Easy to fit with multiple sizes of fins and tips. Great clarity and vibrancy in the upper registers. Can connect to two devices at once. Simple, intuitive controls.
  • Pump up that bass! Don’t forget to disconnect your computer before you go on a run.

TESTING WORKOUT EARBUDS requires an entirely different set of metrics than regular in-ear headphones. More than anything else, workout earbuds need to stay put. Running is hard enough without constantly flibberting with something in your ear canal.

Other factors that might be big pluses when you’re sitting at your desk are not so great when you’re in motion. Excellent noise filtering is less attractive when you might get mowed down by a cyclist. And mediocre sound quality can be forgivable in this case, too. While I enjoy a wide variety in my music while cooking, cleaning, or working, my exercise playlists tend to resemble a frat party circa 2005.



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