• RATE7/10i
  • PRICE$699
  • WIREDBeautiful, Balanced sound. Optional Sub adds thumping bass. Elegant (thin) glass and metal design. Mobile app makes updates and Spotify listening easy. Adaptiq tuning adds depth to sound.
  • TIREDGiant universal remote is clumsy and confusing, complicating setup. No Dolby Atmos. On the high end of pricing and sub isn’t included. No EQ settings for audiophiles. Alexa support is convoluted.

I’M A BELTER now, but I was born an Earther. Syfy’s The Expansehas idled on my Amazon Prime watchlist for a couple years now, but in the last few months, I finally took the time to binge it proper and catch up on the brewing war between Earth, Mars, and the many space colonies of The Belt. I can’t get enough.

I’m hoping that Amazon will come through and #SaveTheExpansefrom cancellation, but no matter the outcome, it’s been a thrill to listen to this show’s beautiful audio and music on the Bose SoundTouch 300. I’ve tested a few different soundbars during my time binging the series, but the clink of magnetic boots clamping to the hull in deep space have never sounded so crisp, and I’ve never felt the rumbling burn of the Rocinante’s Epstein Drive hit me like I have thanks to the add-on Acoustimass 300 wireless subwoofer.


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