On March 16 Xiaomi launch of a wireless-charging Power bank in India


In a bid to cement its place in history as a formidable internet company, Xiaomi doesn’t only focus on its smartphone business but on other IoT products as well as accessories. The company’s next product in India could be a cool accessories that could wireless charge all your gadgets even while on the go, so the teaser says. The company released a teaser which points to the launch of a new product on March 16.Xiaomi

The company did not reveal the name of the product that will be launched on that day but going by details cooped from the teaser video, the product is likely a wireless charging-supporting power bank.

Mi India #108MP IS COMING!


Guess what this is.

Embedded video

The teaser promotes the upcoming product by appealing to our utmost desire to have gadgets that won’t require you to carry so many charging cables around. The text on the display in the reads “One less wire to deal with. Mi fans, it’s time to #CutTheCord. All the power you need without any hassle. Guess what this is.” Also, take note of the hashtag “CutTheCord”. This clearly suggests the product is a wireless charging solution and it could only be a power bank if we are to entirely do away with the cord.

Xiaomi already has a couple of wireless charging power banks to its name one of which is the Mi Wireless Power Bank with 10W wireless charge support. The company also has a trimmed down Mi Wireless Power bank Youth Edition. Both models support 18W fast charging via the USB-A ports and use the Qi charging standard for the wireless charging protocol.

We’ll have to wait until March 16 which is just a couple of days away to find out what the product really is.



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