New Bounty Raid Event Gives PUBG Mobile’s Players A Chance To Win Rewards For 1 UC


With the latest 0.18.0 update, PUBG Mobile added the reworked Miramar, Royale Pass Season 13, new weapons and mechanics to the game. It recently added a new Adventure mode with which players have a chance to play through the Classic mode selection screen, Mysterious Jungle.

Now, PUBG Mobile has introduced a new event called, 1-UC Bounty Raid which is a temporary reward system that gives players a chance to win rewards at the cost of its namesake, 1UC. Unknown Cash is an in-game currency that can be bought with money or earned by completing bonus challenges.

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Unlike Lootboxes where players can get a reward from a catalogue of in-game items, this reward system is like a lottery. During the 1-UC Bounty Raid event, players have the option to buy a Bounty Voucher for any reward that is available in the event.

If a voucher is bought for any reward available in 1-UC Bounty Raid, the player now has a chance at winning that particular reward. Players can buy multiple vouchers to increase their chances of winning the reward. Each reward has a requirement of participants, which when met with a player, will be drawn at random who will receive the reward.

Players can also see the number of participants in the draw and chances of winning the draw. While each drawing will feature a single winner, all the players that have participated by purchasing a bounty voucher will receive 10 BP or 2 AG per voucher.

The 1-UC Bounty Raid event will end on June 19. Until then, the vouchers for each individual reward will be reset and a new draw will start after the winner is announced. Winners of the rewards can access them through the in the ‘Events’ section or in the ‘Mail’ section after the event ends. The items won will remain in player’s inventory permanently.



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