Microsoft’s new free racing game for Windows only requires a mouse to play


Microsoft just launched Miami Street, a free-to-play racing game for Windows10 that’s designed to get you tearing up the track without any prior experience. Heck, you don’t even need a keyboard to play.

If you’ve played drag racing mobile titles like NaturalMotion’s CSR Racing series, Miami Street’s gameplay will be familiar to you. There’s no steering or braking involved – you only have to use your mouse and time your clicks accurately to hit the throttle, make turns, and use speed boosts to beat your opponents.

So yes, it’s not a full-featured racing game – but it doesn’t need a beefy PC to run and doesn’t cost you a cent for the casual experience it offers. More content, including additional vehicles and an expanding campaign, are slated to be added over time.

The game comes from UK-based development studio Electric Square, and is currently available in just a few parts of the world from the Microsoft Store. The company says it’ll become available more widely in the months ahead as it’s improved with feedback from players.

The game wasn’t available to download here in India, or for my colleague in the UK – so you may have to wait a bit for Miami Street to arrive in your region. Find it in the Microsoft Store by following this link.



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