Microsoft is going to adding a graphing mode to the Windows 10 calculator


The graphing mode is the first open-source suggestion to be chosen.The company made the calculator open-sourced on GitHub earlier this month and has received over thirty suggestions from contributors so far, as spotted by ZDNet.

The graphing mode is the first open-sourced suggestion to be chosen. It was Microsoft engineer Dave Grochocki’s idea, who suggested that students could use the graphing feature to study algebra. He pointed out that algebra is the stepping stone to more advanced mathematics and other science and engineering courses, but it’s also a class that students in the US commonly fail.

A lot of basic calculator apps don’t have a graphing feature, so the Windows 10 calculator might also be getting a leg up on rival apps. As of now, the feature’s still under development but GitHub notes indicate users would be able to graph linear, quadratic, and exponential equations.


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