Microsoft and Nvidia official marketing partners for Battlefield V


Going by the Xbox One logos flying around everywhere in Wednesday’s reveal and EA’s own press release confirming the matter, it looks like Microsoft may have exclusive marketing rights for Battlefield V.

This does not mean that there will be any content that will be exclusive to Microsoft’s console, especially given the promise of ‘no premium pass’ or ‘exclusive console content’ of any kind, it just means Sony can’t promote the game for their system. The game is all set to release come 19 October for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Origin on the PC.

Xbox is the console marketing partner for Battlefield V and NVIDIA is the PC marketing partner,” reads a line in the press release, which also pins NVIDIA as the game’s PC partner.

In a tweet by Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg, which used the cringy hashtag #GamesPlayBestOnXboxOne, he shared his excitement for the Battlefield franchise and congratulated EA on a “great reveal”.

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra soon joined in on the conversation calling Battlefield V, the best shooter he is looking forward too so far.

NVIDIA also sent out a seperate press release announcing their plans to support Battlefield V post launch stating – “Game Ready drivers, Optimal Playable settings, and other NVIDIA-platform features for Battlefield V. In addition, we are working on integrating cutting-edge technologies, optimizing performance, and creating the definitive PC experience”.

Andreas Morell from DICE echoed that sentiment stating that the team over at the studio was working closely with NVIDIA to deploy advanced game technologies for their game engine.

With Battlefield V, we wanted to align with a partner who shares our passion for PC gaming, by combining our talented development team with NVIDIA’s advanced gaming technologies and robust GeForce PC gaming platform, we’re creating the most physical, immersive, and visually-striking way to experience Battlefield V,” said Andreas Morell, Sr. Producer at DICE.


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