Mac and iPhone users granted tighter security measures


Apple announced at today’s WWDC it was rolling out stronger security and privacy features which help keep user data from being exploited.

Apple’s senior vice president of software, Craig Federighi, revealed the new, more stringent security protocols. Among other features, Apple’s removing additional cookie tracking and reducing the ability for third-parties to “fingerprint” users through plug-ins.

This expands on Apple’s efforts last year to prevent ad tracking within Safari. At last year’s WWDC, it announced Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which used machine learning to identify sites using cookies to display very specific ads. Now it’s expanding that prevention to like buttons and comments sections.

Now, with the new security feature, sites won’t be able to collect data on you using these features without your express permission.

In summary, said Federighi, the goal is to make your Mac appear the same as anyone else’s Mac, cutting down on the chance data companies can pick out your device from a crowd.

In both cases, there seemed to be subtle digs at companies with not-quite-so-good privacy features — namely, Facebook, the ad-based revenue model of which Apple CEO Tim Cook recently compared unfavorably with his company’s own.

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