It’s Official! Ads will be displayed on WhatsApp chats From 2020


WhatsApp is testing a bunch of new features. Almost all the time. Now, The messaging app is reportedly currently testing a QR code feature that will enable you to share contacts seamlessly. Improvements to the WhatsApp Business App are also being performed by the app.

There have been multiple instances which had hinted at the fact that WhatsApp would start displaying ads in 2018. Though that did not happen. But now, Facebook has come to confirm the proposal for the first time as it is preparing to put adds on the app in a big to monetize the messaging service. The social media giant announced at the annual Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands that it is bringing ads to WhatsApp.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra and Head of Be Connect Agency Oliver Ponteville shared slides on Twitter with details of the appearance of ads on WhatsApp.

The slides show that Facebook plans to push ads to WhatsApp in three ways: ‘Ads that click to WhatsApp (FB)‘ as it wants its users to communicate to business via WhatsApp.

In the second plan, Facebook wants to use Instagram to directnthe users from Instagram ads to WhatsApp. This feature will be called ‘Ads that click to WhatsApp (IG)’

The third set of ads will be displayed in WhatsApp status. Similar to Instagram, the ads from business will appear in the profile picture area of your contact. Users will be able to swipe up to visit the advertisement or concerned link.

Facebook is not planning on being intrusive with advertisements on WhatsApp. There have been rumours that banner ads will be displayed on WhatsApp chats. The update is being planned for 2020.


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