Google Duo’s new low-light mode : Keep the lights off without losing sight


Google is introducing a low-light mode to Duo, its video chatting app, that can detect poor lighting conditions and automatically adjust the picture to illuminate the face in the frame.

In a press release, Google says that this new mode will be a boon to those who want to save on electricity, especially if you, or someone who you know, live in a place affected by frequent power outages. It could be ideal to use when you want to check in with a friend or family member who lives several time zones away and who may therefore be calling from a darkened room or a nighttime street.


Interestingly, low-light mode on Duo is simulated in the app based on the lighting conditions; Google doesn’t mention any reliance on the capabilities, or lack thereof, of your phone’s camera. And it doesn’t look like Duo is simply increasing the screen’s brightness for a selfie flash effect. Until we try the feature, we’ll have to take Google’s word that it works as indicated in the GIF above.

Low-light mode is rolling out globally to iOS and Android users this week, so watch out for the update.



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