A Hot Wheels car with a GoPro mount.


Hot Wheels has some pretty creative fans, and its latest creation gives them a new way to express that creativity. Hot Wheels Zoom In is a toy car with an attachment for holding a GoPro camera.

This new car is a collaboration between the two brands. You could even say it’s the brainchild of the Hot Wheels community online, which has seen several fans modding vehicles so they could mount a GoPro on top.

The Zoom In is the first official car with a spot for a GoPro Session. The car itself has a simple design — a low-riding platform with four wheels and a latch for holding the GoPro. You have a blue aluminum frame on the bottom, with black plastic on the top. To improve aerodynamics, the front and back of the car has a slope design.


The vehicle works with either the GoPro Session or Hero5 Session since they have has a smaller square designs. As expected, the GoPro does add weight to the car, and it can affect the performance on the track. But really, we’re here for the footage anyway.

I had a few days to test out the Hot Wheels Zoom In along with a Hero5 Session, and the performance did vary. If it had to go through multi-loops, I found that speed was a significant factor, along with the rest of the course. If it gains enough momentum before the loops, the car had a better chance of making it through them.

Physics affects the Hot Wheels Zoom In as it would affect any other HotWheels car, and the wipeouts can make for good fun. Especially when you can capture them from the view of the vehicle.

Growing up I had plenty of Hot Wheels cars, and some Matchbox ones, and have fond memories of them. Adding a POV camera for the car is a feature I would have loved to have as a kid, and I think I’ll be using it as an adult as well. Since the car itself costs just $1.09, if you already have a GoPro, heck, why wouldn’t you get one?



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